This demo analyzes your settings (phpThumb.config.php and server/PHP) for phpThumb().

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Latest phpThumb version:1.7.14-201608101311Download the latest version from
This phpThumb version:1.7.13-201410291054One (or more) minor version(s) have been released since this version.
Download the latest version from
phpThumb.config.php:"phpThumb.config.php" exists and "phpThumb.config.php.default" does not"phpThumb.config.php.default" that comes in the distribution must be renamed to "phpThumb.config.php" before phpThumb.php can be used. Avoid having both files present to minimize confusion.
cache directory:
Original: "/home/bitrix/www/cron/phpThumb/cache/"
Resolved: "/home/bitrix/www/cron/phpThumb/cache"
Must exist and be both readable and writable by PHP.
cache write test:
/ home / bitrix / www / cron / phpThumb / cache / 6 / 67 / phpThumb_cache_stihiya-shop.by__raw67c44e91c46b79493d95da579a7fef28_par52b4fbd9e2256843fcdbe9d1f35f2875.jpeg
directory exists (before EnsureDirectoryExists())
directory exists (after EnsureDirectoryExists())
write test succeeded
chmod($phpThumb->cache_filename, 0644) from "0644" resulted in permissions "0644"
delete test succeeded
Created and deletes a sample cache file to see if you actually have create/delete permission.
If Safe Mode is enabled this is often broken.
temp directory:/home/bitrix/www/cron/phpThumb/cache/pThumb0IrJBZ
Original: "/home/bitrix/www/cron/phpThumb/cache"
Resolved: "/home/bitrix/www/cron/phpThumb/cache"
Must exist and be both readable and writable by PHP.
PHP version:7.1.23PHP5 is ideal (support for numerous built-in filters which are much faster than my code).
PHP v4.4.2 contains a bug in fopen over HTTP (phpThumb has a workaround)
PHP v4.3.2+ supports ImageSaveAlpha which is required for proper PNG/ICO output.
ImageRotate requires PHP v4.3.0+ (but buggy before v4.3.3).
EXIF thumbnail extraction requires PHP v4.2.0+.
Most things will work back to PHP v4.1.0, and mostly (perhaps buggy) back to v4.0.6, but no guarantees for any version older than that.
GD version:2.2.5GD2-bundled version is ideal.
GD2 (non-bundled) is second choice, but there are a number of bugs in the non-bundled version. ImageRotate is only available in the bundled version of GD2.
GD1 will also (mostly) work, at much-reduced image quality and several features disabled. phpThumb can perform most operations with ImageMagick only, even if GD is not available.
ImageMagick version:
[0] [0] [0] [0] [0]
6.5.4-7 2012-12-14 Q16

This version of ImageMagick is 6.6 years old
(see for new versions)
ImageMagick is faster than GD, can process larger images without PHP memory_limit issues, can resize animated GIFs. phpThumb can perform most operations with ImageMagick only, even if GD is not available.
ImageMagick features:|| help || thumbnail || resize || crop || repage || coalesce || gravity || background || interlace || flatten || border || bordercolor || dither || quality || version || blur || colorize || colors || colorspace || contrast || contrast-stretch || edge || emboss || fill || flip || flop || gamma || || level || modulate || monochrome || negate || normalize || rotate || sepia-tone || threshold || unsharp ||All of these parameters may be called by phpThumb, depending on parameters used. Green means the feature is available; red means a critical feature is missing; orange means an optional filter/feature is missing.
ImageMagick formats:
sh: ./identify: No such file or directory
ImageMagick can only read/write formats as listed here. You may need to recompile ImageMagick if you need to use a format not listed
GD features:
JPEG Support
PNG Support
GIF Read Support
GIF Create Support
FreeType Support
PNG support is required for watermarks, overlays, calls to ImageMagick and other internal operations.
JPG support is obviously quite useful, but ImageMagick can substitute
GIF read support can be bypassed with ImageMagick and/or internal GIF routines.
GIF create support can be bypassed with ImageMagick (if no filters are applied)
FreeType support is needed for TTF overlays.
GD extension "EXIF"TRUEEXIF extension required for auto-rotate images. Also required to extract EXIF thumbnail to use as source if source image is too large for PHP memory_limit and ImageMagick is unavailable.
php_sapi_name()apache2handlerSAPI mode preferred to CGI mode. FCGI mode has unconfirmed strange behavior (notably more than one space in "wmt" filter text causes errors). If not working in "apache" (SAPI) mode, apache_lookup_uri() will not work.
Server SoftwareApache/2.4.6 (CentOS)Apache v1.x has the fewest compatability problems. IIS has numerous annoyances. Apache v2.x is broken when lookup up /~user/filename.jpg style relative filenames using apache_lookup_uri().
curl_version:Best if available. HTTP source images will be unavailable if CURL unavailable and allow_url_fopen is also disabled.
ImageRotateTRUErequired for "ra" and "ar" filters.
exif_read_dataTRUErequired for "ar" filter.
exif_thumbnailTRUErequired to extract EXIF thumbnails.
memory_get_usageTRUEmostly used for troubleshooting.
version_compareTRUEavailable in PHP v4.1.0+, internal workaround available
file_get_contentsTRUEavailable in PHP v4.3.0+, internal workaround available
file_put_contentsTRUEavailable in PHP v5.0.0+, internal workaround available
is_executableTRUEavailable in PHP3, except only PHP5 for Windows. poor internal workaround available
gd_infoTRUEavailable in PHP v4.3.0+ (with bundled GD2), internal workaround available
ImageTypesTRUErequired for GD image output.
ImageCreateFromJPEGTRUErequired for JPEG source images using GD.
ImageCreateFromGIFTRUEuseful for GIF source images using GD.
ImageCreateFromPNGTRUErequired for PNG source images using GD and other source image formats using ImageMagick.
ImageCreateFromWBMPTRUErequired for WBMP source images using GD.
ImageCreateFromStringTRUErequired for HTTP and non-file image sources.
ImageCreateTrueColorTRUErequired for all non-ImageMagick filters.
ImageIsTrueColorTRUEavailable in PHP v4.3.2+ with GD v2.0.1+
ImageFilterTRUEPHP5 only. Required for some filters (but most can use ImageMagick instead)
SettingMaster ValueLocal ValueComments
magic_quotes_runtime:FALSEFALSEThis setting is evil. Turn it off.
magic_quotes_gpc:FALSEFALSEThis setting is bad. Turn it off, if possible. phpThumb will attempt to work around it if it is enabled.
safe_mode:FALSEFALSEBest if off. Calls to ImageMagick will be disabled if safe_mode is set to prevent writing temp files (limiting max image resolution, no animated GIF resize). Raw image data sources (e.g. from MySQL database) may not work. Temp files may be disabled. Features will be limited. If disabled in Master but enabled in Local, edit httpd.conf and set (php_admin_value safe_mode "Off") between <VirtualHost> tags
allow_url_fopen:FALSEFALSEBest if on. HTTP source images will be unavailable if disabled and CURL is unavailable.
disable_functions:Best if nothing disabled. Calls to ImageMagick will be prevented if exec+system+shell_exec+passthru are disabled.
memory_limit:256M256MThe higher the better. Divide by 5 to get maximum megapixels of source image that can be thumbnailed (without ImageMagick). Your setting (256M) allows images up to approximately 51.2 megapixels